Art Director - Content Marketing

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Art Director - Content Marketing

As the Art Director, one is responsible for leading the in-house social media design team and maintaining all brand and visual aesthetic across all brand projects.



Responsible for developing visual language for commissioning brands across social media platforms.

Management of the design schedule and day-to-day operations of commissioning brands, partner media channels and in-house teams to ensure these are aligned with marketing plans.

Assisting in design related projects at OML, bringing in the right individuals or studios as may be necessary.

Ensuring that high levels of client satisfaction are maintained with regards of market-specific brand needs for social media content.

Who Should Apply

We are looking for creative thinkers who can provide design solutions for marketing challenges and don't get queasy in fast paced work environments.

You must understand digital media marketing, have at least 7 years experience in design and should have led design teams to qualify for this role.