Video Producer - Content Marketing

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Video Producer - Content Marketing

As a Video Producer, you will be working with the Content Marketing team to produce influencer-driven videos that are of a high standard that both OML and the brands we work with approve of. 


Execute content projects within a pre-determined budgets and timelines.

Work with local teams across markets to create content that maintains the brand aesthetic.

Work closely with Influencer Managers and Brand Managers to ensure the brands / creator / OML's vision is being translated to video.

Manage project-specific teams, including local vendors and technicians, on days of shoot and supervising post production timelines.

Develop vendor relationships across markets with the goal of servicing creative and economic goals for each project.

Who should apply?

Apply for this role if you enjoy no sleep, and working with a great bunch of creative people with some really fun ideas that we get to produce! 

You must have at least 4 years of work experience in content production (either fiction and non-fiction), have worked on budgets, and know Microsoft Excel like the back of your hand. 

If you don't check these boxes but think this sounds like something you'd be good at, go ahead and send us a pitch!