Digital Media Manager - Content Marketing

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Digital Media Manager - Content Marketing

As the Digital Media Manager, one will  be responsible for leading and tracking social media initiatives with a clear focus on media buying and deployment.


Overall Paid Social Strategy: You will develop and plan paid social campaigns for numerous initiatives.

Amplify content: You will identify top-performing content and leverage what’s working to further refine overall paid social strategy.

Align & Educate :In this role you will align with various channels and countries to create one coordinated global social campaign by ensuring accurate post tagging, and continually syncing on overall strategy, tactics, and optimization methods.

Campaign Execution: In addition to planning campaigns, you will be responsible for the technical execution and implementation of the social plans and buys.

Reporting & Planning: You will be responsible for maintaining country, brand and campaign specific trackers to aid planning, strategy and deployment decisions. You will manage information flow and data cleanliness across multiple projects, dashboards and integrations as needed.

Who should apply?

If you know your digital marketing tools, are obsessed with analytics, and interested in using these for the greater good of culture marketing and content experiences, this would be the role you should apply for. 

You must have worked in a digital marketing role for minimum of  4 years to apply.